Norrköping or the Swedish Manchester

30th August ’12: One day in Norrköping

Cost: free for students of Linköping University

Time to travel: ~40 min

Norrköping means merchant site (köping) , this is due to the precense in the past of a thing (Old Norse and Icelandic). He went there and named the city like that. Norrköping has an industrial past with lots of factories. It’s really nice to just walk in the narrow streets and feel the past.

Norrkoping (7) Norrkoping (8)

The “Sweden’s Manchester”, “Peking” and “Surbullestan” was a local nickname for the textile workers, and stan is short for Staden, which means The City or The Town in Swedish.


Norrkoping (9) Norrkoping (12) Norrkoping (17)


Campus Valla Linköping

27 august ’12: First day at school

Swedish school is quite different from the French school. First they love reading, for every course you have a book which the lesson are coming from. It’s necessary to read them. The teacher is giving to you only the mandatory and basic notions you need to be able to understand the chapter in the book.

The autumn semester is divided in two part. First part is going from September till end-October (ht1) and second part is from November till end-December (ht2). Most of the courses are in ht1 or ht2. Few of them are covering the entire semester.

With this beautiful weather I took a movie of the campus.

Enjoy !

Linköping Corridor Room

What is a Corridor Room ? A corridor room it’s an apartment with 8 rooms, a living room and a kitchen; each room has one bathroom with toilet, a desk, wardrobe and a bed (one person). In Linköping there is a neighbor with around 30 buildings of 6/7 corridors. It’s located in Ryds.

linkoping (13)   linkoping (15)

How can I get a corridor ? Well two/three options.

  1. You send all the application very early (February for the autumn semester), you can get a corridor through the university. First come first served !
  2. You can create an account on Studentbostäder i Linköping. You earn one point per day from the day you registered. Same, the earlier is the best. You will need around 200 points to be able to get a corridor…
  3. You can take the lease of someone leaving but this is not legal but very usual !

linkoping (21)   linkoping (19)

My corridor : 1 Chinese; 1 Italian; 1 Spanish; 1 Cyprus and 2 Swedish.

linkoping (18)  linkoping (22)

ESN – Linköping Church and city quiz tour

22 august ’12: Discovery of Linköping downtown

Cost: free

ESN, what does it mean ? It is an associtation made of Erasmus and local student to help and create activities for Erasmus students. They organize parties, events and travels. Some of them are free. It’s really good to participate to them (at least at the beginning of your trip) because it help you to meet other Erasmus people and to create friendship.

Link to ESN webpage -> HERE !

For our first week at Linköping ESN organized a smart and creative way to discover dowtown Linköping through a quiz.

linkoping (1)   linkoping (3)

Bonus: a Swedish dance I could record during we were filling the quiz

Linkoping (1)