Norrköping or the Swedish Manchester

30th August ’12: One day in Norrköping

Cost: free for students of Linköping University

Time to travel: ~40 min

Norrköping means merchant site (köping) , this is due to the precense in the past of a thing (Old Norse and Icelandic). He went there and named the city like that. Norrköping has an industrial past with lots of factories. It’s really nice to just walk in the narrow streets and feel the past.

Norrkoping (7) Norrkoping (8)

The “Sweden’s Manchester”, “Peking” and “Surbullestan” was a local nickname for the textile workers, and stan is short for Staden, which means The City or The Town in Swedish.


Norrkoping (9) Norrkoping (12) Norrkoping (17)


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