The farm tour

23rd September ’12: visit of an authentic swedish farm

Departure: 8.45 am Ryd Centrum

Return: 5.45 pm Ryd Centrum

Cost: ~50 SEK

Travel time to destination: 1 hour bus

We arrived after 1h of bus to the Swedish farm, typical of sweden. Red wooden and white window panes. First, fika is required. Small coffee served by farmers with “kanelbullar”. Then we got a small historic of the farm and we visited different parts of the farm (living area, animals area, buildings …).


Then we went to another farm where there is the milk production. We visited the farm and we saw all the technological facilities to produce the milk.

Finally we went back to the first farm and we had lunch. Homemade hamburgers with the meat and cheese they produce (yes no need to think too much when you just came back from seeing the cows xD).

After lunch, we rode in the tractor and we enjoyed the countryside.

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Stockholm for a weekend

Day 1

Departure: 8:00 am from the station towards Linköping Stockholm by bus (the cheapest, counted on average 150Kr for a ride).

Arrival: 11:00 to Stockholm Central Station.

Once we arrived we bought the bus/metro card to travel in the capital. The best deal if you make more than 7 trips it’s 72h unlimited card.

Stockholm (52)

Once the card is purchased we can visit Stockholm toward the sights to see (thanks to the “Maria’s Guide”, one of my  corridormate she was Erasmus student in Stockholm).

We start towards Gamla Stan. The old Stockholm. Paved street, souvenir shop, The Royal Palace, Tyska kyrkan, Post-museum. Nice for walking. We saw the changing of the guard by luck (Saturday at noon). I do not know if it’s all Saturdays at noon …

Lunch was at Va Piano, (Thanks Maria), very nice place and not too expensive for a pizza or pasta.

Stockholm (3)
The royal palace
Stockholm (41)
Gamla Stan
Stockholm (24)
Stockholm (18)
Stockholm (13)
Changing of the guard























After a good meal we went to our hotel. We opted for the Formule 1 which is at Telefonplan stop.

To end the day, walk on Kungsholmen island: Stadshusset and the shores. Finally ride at Östermalm (pretty little square with a fountain). We ate in Sergels Torg street, not far from the station we found a mall with stalls of all nationalities to eat.

Stockholm (61)
Stockholm City Hall
Stockholm (50)
view of riddarholmen











Total Cost day 1: 
SL Card : 250 KR.
Lunch at Va Piano: around 80 KR
Formule 1 : 230 KR/night
Dinner : 50 KR (picnic)

Day 2

We got up around 10am, we took a small breakfast in a typical Swedish Pressbyrån, coffee and Kanelbullar.

Then direction, Södermalm and ride on the island.

Finally, we ended our visit towards Djurgården. This is the equivalent of the central New York park.

In summary, two very good days with my darling with a beautiful weather !

Total Cost day 2: 

Breakfast at Pressbyrån: 25 KR
Lunch : 40 KR (picnic)

Total Cost for the weekend for one person:  ~850 KR

Stockholm (82) Stockholm (83) Stockholm (84)

Gamla Linköping

12th September ’12: Visit at Gamla Linköping

Cost: almost free (bus fare only)

Duration: half a day

Gamla linköping is the old linköping. It’s an old Swedish village. It’s authentic and you really feel like you went 50 years in the past. The street are cobblestones and the houses are made with the typical red wood color.

We didn’t see many tourist so it was quiet and nice to have a walk in all the narrow streets.

gamlalinkoping (2)  gamlalinkoping (8)

gamlalinkoping (10)  gamlalinkoping (11)

There you can buy the famous kex (cloetta) for a very good price since the industry is at Linköping !


Lambohov Lake

11st September ’12: Bike tour to lambohov Lake !

Cost: free and your bike.

Distance: 7/8 km

Duration: the day from 10 am to 5 pm.

Visit of the surroundings with the forest and fields. Linköping is really lost in the middle of the campaign. Once there, we have a picnic at the lake (not very big lake). Then, we played different games to allow us to know each other better.

Very good day with new friends.

itineraire-velo   lambohov-2 lambohov-5