Norrköping, Söderköping

16th November ’12: northwest of Linköping

Departure: 9.00 am

Return: 4.00 pm

Distance: 60 km

  • First stop was Norrköping, city tour.

Industrial city with very old factories (textil factories). We visited the Workmuseet museum on the history of one of these factories. Very boring !! Then we walked in the pedestrian streets. We ate in a Pizzeria / kebab next to the University of Norrköping. Very good value for money saving! A huge pizza! We got some for the evening!

Norrköping Norrköping

Norrköping Norrköping

  • After lunch, steering Söderköping.

Very cute village. Also medieval village with a beautiful church. Must surely be crowded in summer. Many convenience provided for this purpose. Unfortunately, November, is not the tourist season many things were closed.

Söderköping Söderköping

Söderköping Söderköping

Göteborg in 24 hours

Departure: 7.00 am

Return: 8.00 p.m.

Distance: 274 km

Got Up very early for a big day today. Direction Göteborg under an heavy rain. After 3 hours drive we arrived in the city. We parked in Tomtegatan, then direction the subway to visit the islands. Not without difficulties because finding yourself in a strange city in the rain is not obvious.


Once the card is purchased, we went to the archipelago of Göteborg. We took the ferry (the sun started to show up). Beautiful background, no word to describe it, it’s so beautiful. We stoped on one of the islands: Branno. We stayed there for 1h, it’s enough since the island is small, we just had the time to walk and see the most important things.

P1010010 P1010014

Back on Göteborg, we went to the city center. We ate in the street Haga Nygata. The fish of course (yeah we are in sweden !). Then direction: Feskörka, Domkyrkan, Stadsmuseet, Kronhuset, Gustav Adolf Square …

P1010028 P1010029

P1010032 P1010041

After several hours walking in the streets (under the rain) we returned to Linköping.

=> Göteborg is a beautiful city. If there is one thing to do when you are there it’s archipelagos!

Cost for the day: 

  1. Parking : 10 Kr/h
  2. Göteborg city card: 75 Kr / 24h
  3. Lunch break: 120 Kr

Vadstena, Gränna, Jönköping

6th November ’12: One day through the south west part of Linköping

Departure: 8.00 am

Return: 8.00 p.m.

Distance: 152 km

  • First stop of the day: Vadstena.

Small medieval village, paved streets, magnificent views of Lake Vattern. There is a nice castle also that you can visit in the summer period. It’s definitely my favorite ! <3

Vadstena Vadstena


  • Second stop: Gränna.

Beautiful village along Lake Vattern. The village is known for its manufacture of candies and chocolate. Hum Hum !! Everything is handmade, making candy is still handcrafted. It’s very impressive. Candy lover: you must go out there! We visited a museum on the history of the city and the person who was the first man to go to the north pole. We took our meal here, the menu salmon of course!

Gränna Gränna

  • Last stop: Jönköping.

Big city this time, with pedestrian streets and shopping. We are still amazed at the fall of the dark night at 16:30 … But we continued our tour through the paved streets of Jönköping. More life and animations than the other villages.

Jönköping Jönköping

Back home in an heavy rain ! Arrived in the corridor; homemade soup; feels so good to be home !

Berg, Borensberg, Motala

1st November ’12: One day through the north of Linköping

Departure: 8.00 am

Return: 6.00 pm

Distance: 50km

  • First stop Gotta Canal (Berg).

We discover a deserted village with a lot of fog but a very nice and zen place. There is a canal with locks I think if my memory is good, there are more than 30 locks all along that channel. The locks are stairs and reach Roxen lake. No soul in this village but surely crowded during summer (plenty of parking provided).

Göta Canal
Göta Canal









Göta Canal
Göta Canal
  • Second stop was Borensberg.

We walked along the canal and we stop in the village. Nothing amazing to do, but a typical village of Sweden.












  • Motala last stop.

Large city (at least more than 1000 inhabitants). We saw the second largest lake in Sweden: Vattern.











After this good day, we returned to the apartment for a good dinner!