Vadstena, Gränna, Jönköping

6th November ’12: One day through the south west part of Linköping

Departure: 8.00 am

Return: 8.00 p.m.

Distance: 152 km

  • First stop of the day: Vadstena.

Small medieval village, paved streets, magnificent views of Lake Vattern. There is a nice castle also that you can visit in the summer period. It’s definitely my favorite ! <3

Vadstena Vadstena


  • Second stop: Gränna.

Beautiful village along Lake Vattern. The village is known for its manufacture of candies and chocolate. Hum Hum !! Everything is handmade, making candy is still handcrafted. It’s very impressive. Candy lover: you must go out there! We visited a museum on the history of the city and the person who was the first man to go to the north pole. We took our meal here, the menu salmon of course!

Gränna Gränna

  • Last stop: Jönköping.

Big city this time, with pedestrian streets and shopping. We are still amazed at the fall of the dark night at 16:30 … But we continued our tour through the paved streets of Jönköping. More life and animations than the other villages.

Jönköping Jönköping

Back home in an heavy rain ! Arrived in the corridor; homemade soup; feels so good to be home !

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