Göteborg in 24 hours

Departure: 7.00 am

Return: 8.00 p.m.

Distance: 274 km

Got Up very early for a big day today. Direction Göteborg under an heavy rain. After 3 hours drive we arrived in the city. We parked in Tomtegatan, then direction the subway to visit the islands. Not without difficulties because finding yourself in a strange city in the rain is not obvious.


Once the card is purchased, we went to the archipelago of Göteborg. We took the ferry (the sun started to show up). Beautiful background, no word to describe it, it’s so beautiful. We stoped on one of the islands: Branno. We stayed there for 1h, it’s enough since the island is small, we just had the time to walk and see the most important things.

P1010010 P1010014

Back on Göteborg, we went to the city center. We ate in the street Haga Nygata. The fish of course (yeah we are in sweden !). Then direction: Feskörka, Domkyrkan, Stadsmuseet, Kronhuset, Gustav Adolf Square …

P1010028 P1010029

P1010032 P1010041

After several hours walking in the streets (under the rain) we returned to Linköping.

=> Göteborg is a beautiful city. If there is one thing to do when you are there it’s archipelagos!

Cost for the day: 

  1. Parking : 10 Kr/h
  2. Göteborg city card: 75 Kr / 24h
  3. Lunch break: 120 Kr

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