Erasmus Linköping

Because this is the end, this experience is now finished, 5 amazing and unforgettable months for me. It was wonderful, lots of amazing parties and jokes, lots of memories, some things I will never forget, some people I will meet again, and future travels.

I have learned lots of things thanks to all people I met.

I wish to everybody to be able to do the same thing because pictures, movies and my little text show a small part of what is it in reality.

Thanks to everybody.

One week up North

4th of December ’12 to 8th of December ’12: One week in Lapland

Departure: 8.00 am

Return: 6.00 pm

Travel Time: 24 hours

Day 1 Departure
See you at the meeting point. We take the bus that will take us north of sweden after artic circle.

P1070807 P1070621
Day 2 Kiruna
In the morning, you wake up in Kiruna, the most popular village in northern Sweden. After breakfast at the hostel, then seldog in Kiruna.

P1070627 P1070656

P1070667 P1070678

Day 3 Kiruna, Abisko
Free time until 11:30 departure to Abisko and the ice hotel. Visiting a Sami family and dinner with them.

P1070727  P1070776

P1070777 P1070778

   P1070754 P1070789

Day 4 Narvik
Visit Narvik and fjords. In the evening wood-heated sauna and swim in the lake artic.

P1070814 P1070825

P1070839 P1070864


Day 5 Abisko
Back to Abisko, Ice climing.

288058_4666889102744_996521036_o  P1070940
Day 6 Back
In summary a very good trip, probably one of the best, an amazing atmosphere.

Total Cost for the week: 550€

Travel+hostel+samis family+visit of the icehotel+1 lunch: 350€

Seldog + snowmobile: 60€

Ice Climbing: 40€

Lunch – dinner and extra: ~100€