Direction Shanghai

Departure: 17th May , 2013 10:00 am

Arrival: 18th May , 2013 9:00 am

Travel time: 12 hours of travel.

The journey began earlier, starting at 10:00 am from Villejuif, I took the taxi towards Charles de Gaulle airport. Boarding with China Eastern Airlines, luggage allowed: 1 baggage carry-on and 23kg baggage for the check-in.

I was not lucky, I had the place next to the toilet (suggestion: ask before a place far away from the toilet, especially if you are a light sleeper …). After 12h of an endless parade to the toilets (it does not stop more than 2 minutes).

I arrived in Shanghai. Stifling heat very wet and gray (tropical climate). I found my driver (Laurence kindly booked a private driver for me) towards Suzhou. I could already feel the language barrier, no dialogue possible between the driver and me, a simple indication with hand where I want to go written in Chinese.

Marina-Cove-Garden (4) Marina-Cove-Garden (5)

Marina-Cove-Garden (6)

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