Shanghai Old city District

June 30th, 2013: Shanghai Old city district

Departure: 10.00 am

Return: 4.00pm

Address: Metro stop: Yuan Garden

To start with this sunny and warm day (28 ° C already). We went towards the old city of Shanghai.

Before you go to the old city I must prevent you, there are many, many people. It’s really crowded. You must scramble to make your way through the narrow streets.

Many stores but obviously tourist trap.

vieille-ville (2) vieille-ville (15)

vieille-ville (17) vieille-ville (26)


Then, visit of the temple of the god protector of the city.

We moved away of that excitement to eat in a small dumplings shop  and noodles.

vieille-ville (44) vieille-ville (54)

vieille-ville (37) vieille-ville (55)

Let’s go to the tea house for a cup of tea in a magical place. If you want a tea tasting it’s better to head for the tea stand in the fake market; much better. Here we paid the particular place more than the tea (which admittedly does not have a better taste than elsewhere). One portion is enough for two to three people (well if you are not too thirsty).

vieille-ville (60) vieille-ville (74)

After this break, we walked towards the Bund by small streets very typical of China, but forgotten by tourist guides. Linen tense, narrow street, living smiling …

vieille-ville (81) vieille-ville (88)


National History Museum of Shanghai

29th June, 2013: Natural History Museum
Start: 10.30 am
Return: 20: 00

Address: 260 Yan’an Dong Lu, near Henan Zhong Lu

Today, sun is not with us so we decided to go to a museum. Let’s go to the Natural History Museum in Shanghai.

Nice museum. Certainly for those who have made the Natural History Museum in Paris they will be disappointed, but on a human scale museum who keeps its authenticity and he is full of many species in formaldehyde …

musee-histoire-naturelle (7) musee-histoire-naturelle (8)

After this cultural break , we decided to eat in a “bouyi bouyi” along Henan Zhong Lu road. This street contains many flag’s stores, notice for flag’s lovers, here you’ll find all kind of flags and for cheap around 8Y the little flag .

Then, direction a street that we had loved, near the market birds, there are cheap shops of tea, clothes, accessories …

musee-histoire-naturelle (22) musee-histoire-naturelle (24)

5.00pm, rain is back, we took a break in a cafe.

Then we went by foot to People square.

7.00pm, we headed to our favorite hot-pot restaurant (the waiter begins to know us).

8.00pm, back to the apartment for a well deserved rest.

Total Cost:

  1. Museum entrance: 10Y

Suzhou Old Town

23rd & 24th June, 2013: Visit of Suzhou Old Town
Departure: 2:30 p.m.
Back: 6.00 pm

Direction the old city of Suzhou. Nice weather and very warm. We left confident we had the bus number who is going to the city center. We went into the 307, but after few stops we found that (damn it) this is clearly not the right way …

Sans titre

Finally, after taking over the bus in the right direction we arrived in the old city of Suzhou (black circle on the map). Stroll through the narrow and colorful streets. Lots of clothing stores and cheap shoes.

DSC02896 DSC02898

Sunday 24th,
Departure for one of the most famous gardens in Suzhou.


We walked on Ping Jiang Rd (beautiful streets with lots of small restaurants and very nice tea room ). Very touristic too. Rain started, we returned earlier than expected at home, but we stopped at the DVD store.
DVD true / false or false / true according to the opinion, but not expensive at all, a dvd € 1.10 and a season for a serie € 5 on average.

Shanghai Museum

18th June 2013 : Shanghai Museum, 上海博物館

Departure: 11.00 am

Return: 16.00 pm

-> Website <-


No 201, Ren Min Da Dao
Huangpu District
Shanghai 200003, P.R.CHINA
Tel.: 86-21-63723500*132, or Hotline: 86-21-96968686
Metro Line 1, 2, 8

On the last day of vacation, we decided to go to the Shanghai Museum. This museum is huge, if we want to visit it properly I think it takes the day. However, all the rooms are not necessarily interesting.

It consists of 4 floors.

First floor:

  • bronze
  • sculptures

Shanghai-Museum (23)  Shanghai-Museum (24)

Second floor:

  • ceramics

Shanghai-Museum (31)

Third floor:

  • paintings
  • seals
  • calligraphy
  • studio Liangtu

Shanghai-Museum (32) Shanghai-Museum (38)

Fourth floor:

  • Minority art
  • Jades
  • Chinese furniture
  • Currencies
  • The Silk Road, currencies middle east

Shanghai-Museum (45) Shanghai-Museum (49)

We did, bronze, ceramics, art of minorities and jade. We went in calligraphy only the part that there is pretty tables after the first two views despite the fact that we do not understand Chinese it’s all the same for us.

If you are in an hurry, I recommend the bronze part, the ceramic part (the end only) and minority art part.

In summary, beautiful museum. Free admission.

We ate at a greasy spoon soup very good noodle (exit opposite to the main exit – J) and finished with a yogurt with passion fruit next to greasy spoon.

Shanghai international glasses & Pearls market

16th of May 2013: Shanghai International Glasses & Pearls Market

Departure: 10.30 am

Back: 4.00 pm

In this Tuesday, June 11 we decided to have a shopping day and rest a little bit our back with our unrestrained walks in Shanghai. So let’s go to the glasses market in Shanghai in this gray morning.

The Shanghai International Glasses Market is located at the central station of Shanghai output Norah, Metro line 3-4. It is a large building on 3rd floors with glasses everywhere, all colors and all shapes. For buying you need to follow 5 steps.

Step One: Choose the frame.

In the countless stands, there are many one that should be okay for us … We choosed a stand at the 3rd floor with an English speaking lady (yes it can help).

Step Two: Make free eyes exam.

I did eye exams in France, it is going the same way in China. Symbol reading (you need to indicate the direction at the top, bottom, right and left).

Step Three: Select the type of glasses.

As in France you have the choice between anti-glare, anti-scratch… Fine, bigger, with or without treatment …

Step Four: bargaining prices.

Then comes the moment of bargaining, be aware that the advertised price starting can be reduced by 50%. We had the spectacles of Pierre (resting spectacles, titanium mounting ) for € 25.

Step Five: Wait 30-40 minutes.

It’s time to eat until the spectacles are ready. Railway station (full of fast food and Chinese restaurant await us). We opted for a dumpling fast food  (54 Y for two and we couldn’t finish it).

Shanghai International City Glasses
1688 Zhongxing Road (at the north gate of Shanghai Railway Station – Metro Line 3, 4)
上海 国际 眼镜 城
上海市 闸北 区 中兴 路 1688 号

2007828163135447 flyer1336452602

Once we received our specatcles direction the pearls market, at Pearl’s Circles. Arrival at the destination, stands full of necklaces, bracelets, earring beads of all colors and all shapes. For lovers of jewelries there is lots of choice.

Pearl’s Circles
First Asia Jewelry Plaza, 3rd floor, 288 Fuyou Lu, Shanghai
First Asia Jewelry Plaza, 3 楼 288 福佑 路 (or 富 友 路) 上海
Open 10 am-6pm daily.

Vieux-Shanghai (9)

During our walk we deviated a little bit of the pearls market without really realizing it, we arrived in the old city of Shanghai. Old old buildings, narrow crowded streets .

Vieux-Shanghai (11) Vieux-Shanghai (12)



Dragon Boat Festival

15th of June 2013: The Dragon Boat Festival

During these four days the Chinese celebrate the dragon boat festival. It is a Chinese festival that marks the entrance into the heat of summer and the season of epidemics.

We had front row seats to attend this festival,Pierre ‘s apartment is just above the festivities.

In short, this festival is reflected in boat races, songs and dances from 6am to 11am. We were delighted to be awakened at 6 am during our public holidays!

Concession-francaise-E (3)

Yesterday at work I had the chance to taste a typical dish of the  dragon boat festival made by the mother of a colleague.

The rice cake, baked in a leaf around it with the meat inside. Very good.

French Concession district

14th of June 2013: The eastern part of the French concession district.

Departure: 10:30

Back: 18h00

I take the description of my favorite travel book guide that describes in a very good way the french concession.

“To taste the charms chic and trendy of Shanghai you must go towards the French concession. The eastern European part of this area is the nearest of the city center. The shady streets staked with low-rise building relieved a peaceful atmosphere. »

To begin our visit direction Fuxing Park (S Shanxi Rd exit). A lush European park, contrast ensured with other Chinese parks (where disorder is the master).

Concession-francaise-E Concession-francaise-E



After a relaxing break in the park we left towards St Nicolas. Beautiful Russian Orthodox Church. But closed …

We continued our road to the site of the first Congress of the CCP (free admission). Museum interesting but not funny at all !

To change our ideas we walked on the pedestrian street right next to us (full of shops and restaurants).

Concession-francaise-E (21) Concession-francaise-E (23)


To end the day, we went to the flower , birds, insects and fish market.

Concession-francaise-E (28) Concession-francaise-E (33)

Concession-francaise-E (35)

Jing’an District

9th June 2013: Visit of Jing’an District.

Departure: 10.00 am

Return: 7.00 pm

Direction Changshou Road. We walked about 20 minutes before reaching the Jade Buddha Temple (changshou rd). Beautiful temple and visit of the Jade Buddha. A peaceful atmosphere prevails. Good place to go. About 2 hours to do it entirety. In my opinion the Jade Buddha hall is less impressive than the rest of the temple …

an (7)  an (15)

an (23)  an (14)

At the exit of the temple you can find some small shops, opposite of the temple you will find postcards  of Shanghai (very rare in China).

Anyuan Rd  an (3)

an (4) an (2)

Back to Changshou metro direction to Nanjing Rd W station. The former residence of Mao Zedong is 10-minute walk from the station. Unfortunately, we couldn’t visit it because of the hours (9h-11h and 13h-16.30).

We continued our journey on the luxurious streets of West Nanjing Rd. After 20-30 minutes walk we arrive at the Jing’an Temple. Majestic temple.

For me, one of my favorites because he is large and well maintained (it was rebuilt at 90%).


an (26) an (27)

DSC03043 DSC03059

DSC03086 DSC03097

Total cost:

  1. Beautiful temple entry : 20 Y
  2. Jade Buddha temple entry: 10 Y
  3. Postcards : 5/6 Y
  4. Jing’an Temple : 30 Y

Bund & Huangpu

3rd of June, 2013: Visit of Bund and Huangpu

Departure: 12.00 am

Return: 7.00 pm

For this first weekend in Shanghai, we decided to visit an area of the city, Huangpu.

Shanghai consists of 8 districts:

People-square (33)
Map of Shanghai


  1. The Bund and Renmin Square (Huangpu)
  2. The Old Town
  3. East of the French Concession
  4. West of the French Concession
  5. Jing’an
  6. Pudong
  7. Xujiahui and south of Shanghai
  8. Hongkou and north of Shanghai

We went to the first of the list. Start of the tour right out of the stone house (south Pudong) with a typical covered Chinese market.

On the menu: dumpling, noodle, fruits & vegetables, spices, tea and live fish. High color and smell!

People-square (3)  People-square (9)


People-square (5)

Yangpu district is the heart of Shanghai. The atmosphere is electric, many, sound and animation. Renmin Square is a nice park like Central Park in New York where you come out of this excitement of People Square.

People-square (20) People-square (23)


People-square (17)

After purchasing a pancake with vegetables inside for 20 Y. Direction The Bund with a long walk on Nanjing Road. This street also looks like a very famous street of New York: Broadway. Department store, big giant screen, thrift and restaurants. Warning, it’s very easy to get lost in this street.

People-square (25) People-square (27)

The Bund, a large esplanade overlooking stunning views of Pudong with the tallest towers in the world. Unfortunately it starts raining, we stoped our visit.

vieille-ville (90)