Jing’an District

9th June 2013: Visit of Jing’an District.

Departure: 10.00 am

Return: 7.00 pm

Direction Changshou Road. We walked about 20 minutes before reaching the Jade Buddha Temple (changshou rd). Beautiful temple and visit of the Jade Buddha. A peaceful atmosphere prevails. Good place to go. About 2 hours to do it entirety. In my opinion the Jade Buddha hall is less impressive than the rest of the temple …

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At the exit of the temple you can find some small shops, opposite of the temple you will find postcards  of Shanghai (very rare in China).

Anyuan Rd  an (3)

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Back to Changshou metro direction to Nanjing Rd W station. The former residence of Mao Zedong is 10-minute walk from the station. Unfortunately, we couldn’t visit it because of the hours (9h-11h and 13h-16.30).

We continued our journey on the luxurious streets of West Nanjing Rd. After 20-30 minutes walk we arrive at the Jing’an Temple. Majestic temple.

For me, one of my favorites because he is large and well maintained (it was rebuilt at 90%).


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DSC03086 DSC03097

Total cost:

  1. Beautiful temple entry : 20 Y
  2. Jade Buddha temple entry: 10 Y
  3. Postcards : 5/6 Y
  4. Jing’an Temple : 30 Y

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