French Concession district

14th of June 2013: The eastern part of the French concession district.

Departure: 10:30

Back: 18h00

I take the description of my favorite travel book guide that describes in a very good way the french concession.

“To taste the charms chic and trendy of Shanghai you must go towards the French concession. The eastern European part of this area is the nearest of the city center. The shady streets staked with low-rise building relieved a peaceful atmosphere. »

To begin our visit direction Fuxing Park (S Shanxi Rd exit). A lush European park, contrast ensured with other Chinese parks (where disorder is the master).

Concession-francaise-E Concession-francaise-E



After a relaxing break in the park we left towards St Nicolas. Beautiful Russian Orthodox Church. But closed …

We continued our road to the site of the first Congress of the CCP (free admission). Museum interesting but not funny at all !

To change our ideas we walked on the pedestrian street right next to us (full of shops and restaurants).

Concession-francaise-E (21) Concession-francaise-E (23)


To end the day, we went to the flower , birds, insects and fish market.

Concession-francaise-E (28) Concession-francaise-E (33)

Concession-francaise-E (35)

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