Shanghai Museum

18th June 2013 : Shanghai Museum, 上海博物館

Departure: 11.00 am

Return: 16.00 pm

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No 201, Ren Min Da Dao
Huangpu District
Shanghai 200003, P.R.CHINA
Tel.: 86-21-63723500*132, or Hotline: 86-21-96968686
Metro Line 1, 2, 8

On the last day of vacation, we decided to go to the Shanghai Museum. This museum is huge, if we want to visit it properly I think it takes the day. However, all the rooms are not necessarily interesting.

It consists of 4 floors.

First floor:

  • bronze
  • sculptures

Shanghai-Museum (23)  Shanghai-Museum (24)

Second floor:

  • ceramics

Shanghai-Museum (31)

Third floor:

  • paintings
  • seals
  • calligraphy
  • studio Liangtu

Shanghai-Museum (32) Shanghai-Museum (38)

Fourth floor:

  • Minority art
  • Jades
  • Chinese furniture
  • Currencies
  • The Silk Road, currencies middle east

Shanghai-Museum (45) Shanghai-Museum (49)

We did, bronze, ceramics, art of minorities and jade. We went in calligraphy only the part that there is pretty tables after the first two views despite the fact that we do not understand Chinese it’s all the same for us.

If you are in an hurry, I recommend the bronze part, the ceramic part (the end only) and minority art part.

In summary, beautiful museum. Free admission.

We ate at a greasy spoon soup very good noodle (exit opposite to the main exit – J) and finished with a yogurt with passion fruit next to greasy spoon.

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