Suzhou Old Town

23rd & 24th June, 2013: Visit of Suzhou Old Town
Departure: 2:30 p.m.
Back: 6.00 pm

Direction the old city of Suzhou. Nice weather and very warm. We left confident we had the bus number who is going to the city center. We went into the 307, but after few stops we found that (damn it) this is clearly not the right way …

Sans titre

Finally, after taking over the bus in the right direction we arrived in the old city of Suzhou (black circle on the map). Stroll through the narrow and colorful streets. Lots of clothing stores and cheap shoes.

DSC02896 DSC02898

Sunday 24th,
Departure for one of the most famous gardens in Suzhou.


We walked on Ping Jiang Rd (beautiful streets with lots of small restaurants and very nice tea room ). Very touristic too. Rain started, we returned earlier than expected at home, but we stopped at the DVD store.
DVD true / false or false / true according to the opinion, but not expensive at all, a dvd € 1.10 and a season for a serie € 5 on average.

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