Shanghai Old city District

June 30th, 2013: Shanghai Old city district

Departure: 10.00 am

Return: 4.00pm

Address: Metro stop: Yuan Garden

To start with this sunny and warm day (28 ° C already). We went towards the old city of Shanghai.

Before you go to the old city I must prevent you, there are many, many people. It’s really crowded. You must scramble to make your way through the narrow streets.

Many stores but obviously tourist trap.

vieille-ville (2) vieille-ville (15)

vieille-ville (17) vieille-ville (26)


Then, visit of the temple of the god protector of the city.

We moved away of that excitement to eat in a small dumplings shop  and noodles.

vieille-ville (44) vieille-ville (54)

vieille-ville (37) vieille-ville (55)

Let’s go to the tea house for a cup of tea in a magical place. If you want a tea tasting it’s better to head for the tea stand in the fake market; much better. Here we paid the particular place more than the tea (which admittedly does not have a better taste than elsewhere). One portion is enough for two to three people (well if you are not too thirsty).

vieille-ville (60) vieille-ville (74)

After this break, we walked towards the Bund by small streets very typical of China, but forgotten by tourist guides. Linen tense, narrow street, living smiling …

vieille-ville (81) vieille-ville (88)


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