Pudong District

14th July, 2013: Pudong district

Departure: 11.00 am

Back: 4.00 pm

Best noodles of Shanghai Address: 479 E Nanjing Rd (basement).

In very sunny Sunday, direction Pudong and its large towers. Pudong financial district with towers which rise more than 468 m. We opted for the World Financial Tower (492m) to the highest point of China. But another tower is under construction and should be 632m.

We took the tunnel under the river (tourist trap, I do not recommend it at all). It is expensive and not worth it !

DSC03100 DSC03105



To avoid paying to get into the tower we decided to go up to the 91st floor and not until the 94th floor. At the 91floor there is a restaurant / bar where one is for eatting and the other for drinking but it is much cheaper than paying for 2 additional floors and no refreshing!

DSC03114  DSC03122

DSC03128 DSC03120

Stunning views of Shanghai! Beautiful! Do this only if the weather is very clear.

Down from the tower and Nanjing Road towards the best to eat noodles Shanghai. Large bowl of steam noodles Jiangsu in a traditional setting await us.


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