2 days in Beijin

Start: Friday, July 19, 2013
Back: Sunday, July 21, 2013

Friday, July 19,

Departure: 7.00 am
Return: 8.00 p.m.

Starting at 7:00 am from the northern station of Suzhou. Departure of of the train at 8:30 am, let’s go for Beijing (5h30min).

Arrived in Beijing, direction the hotel to meet my parents from France. Immediately into the immerge in the crowded streets, lots of people on the subway and a “fog” in the sky due to pollution. We arrived at the same time.

We settle in the hotel, and without delay let’s go to Beijing Zoo (Metro Line 4 stop Beijing Zoo). Immediately, Eva and Pierre headed direction the pandas grounds. Then tigers, bears and crocodiles through chimpanzees and foxes. The park closes at 18:00.

We returned to the hotel. We identified places to shop and where to have breakfast. Dinner in a local restaurant with noodles!

Big sleep well deserved.

P1010168 P1010174

Saturday, July 20,

Departure: 7:00
Return: 8:00 p.m.

Breakfast in a cafe with coldtea (jasmine, green, lemon)and green tea cookie and a fig bun .

At 8:30 the driver was waiting for us outside the hotel. Direction Chinese wall and Ming temple. About 2:00hours after we reach the Ming temple. Very large, very well maintained and with a beautiful view of the countryside and mountains.

P1010178  P1010193

P1010189 DSC03178

11:00, let’s go for the Chinese wall. First stop in a place where it is still not “sophisticated”, left in its natural state. This place is much less popular with tourists.  Unfortunately for us they removed all access to higher levels. A little disappointed. Direction a second entry, much more sophiticated wall but still few tourists.

Ride for 1h30 on the wall. Just wonderful !!!!

DSC03199 DSC03203


Sunday, July 21,

Departure: 07.30 am
Return: 9.30 pm

For this last day, let’s go to the forbidden city, again beautiful but a little bit disappointed by the lack of interest that the Chinese people give to this magnificent building. Some parts of the Forbidden City are abandoned and those that have been restored, only the visible parts were made.

P1010241 P1010257

P1010281 P1010285

After a visit of more than 2h00, we went to a typical street in Beijing. We passed on the famous Tian’anmen place (place of the student revolts that ended by numerous executions).

We ate in a typical restaurant. Back for us at the train station to catch our train. An exotic but very interesting weekend. 🙂

P1010288 P1010290

P1010293 P1010294


Total cost:
– zoo : RMB 40
– Ming Temple: RMB 45
– Chinese wall first admission: RMB 45
– Chinese wall touristic part : RMB 80

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