Xishanzhen Island

Sunday, August 11,

Start: 9:00 am
Return: 5:00 pm

On this sunny day, towards an island (Xishanzhen) not far from Suzhou.
We accessed it by bus from the stop 58 Peoples Hospital. Around 1hr bus to the terminal!

Arrived at the terminal, we are a bit lost, nothing, it feels like an abandoned village. A bit like Tonopath California. 😉

We walked back along the path of the bus Because We had seen signs. Garden, old town 10 km …

Heck, we are not going to walk for 10 km by 40 ° C in the sun. There is a stop and go on the first bus hoping that goes to the garden I would say from memory bus 196.



After a few stops, we arrived at a sign “garden and temple.” Let’s go to the garden and the temple!

The entrance fee per person is 50Y.

Hayashiya Cave
Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Kim Chambers Road

林 屋 洞 风景区

江苏 省 苏州 市 吴中 区 金 庭 路

0512 6521 7360

And there was the surprise of the day. We landed in a beautiful and wide garden. After some minutes walk in the garden, a new surprise we arrived at the entrance of a cave.

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After this good refreshing visit towards the pagoda overlooking the whole island. A sweat does not hurt (yeah except when it’s 40 ° C and there is not a damn tree for shade).

Once at the top, beautiful view of the lake (well it should not be nearly as large as a small sea I think …).

As they say after exercise the comfort except it would have been great to find a bus to take us back to what is the “center of the city.”

Finally, a bus came. Great, we will be able to quench their thirst with a beer and a nice meal … Woe took me, there are only chinese restaurants ! Well we’re going to choose and pray not to fall on the legs of the chicken or duck tongue.

Ouf what came on is soft vegetables, tofu, pork in brown sauce and tiny fish (squid style) with vegetables. We even managed to order a beer !!

Back in Suzhou, direction the pool. Ah that feels good.

If you have the chance to go through it, must stop. Well worth the cost!

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