Fabric & Tea Market

Fabric Market

In Shanghai there is a market for almost everything.

For foreigners like us, these markets are very attractive, cheap price and very practical.
So I would not leave China without buy something custom and handymade!

Direction Fabric Market, there are several in Shanghai of course we went to the nearest from Yuyan Garden.

168 Dongmen Lu,
near Zhongshan Dong Er Lu

It is indeed very “profitable” for us European. We may have my jacket cashmere tailor made for € 70. Pierre two custom shirts for € 25 and € 50 for a suit. 🙂

The procedure is as follows:
1. The model is chosen
2. Prices are negotiated
3. Measures are taken
4. You pay a deposit (half of the total price)
5. you wait 1 week
6. We just get our order!

isn’t it magic ? 🙂

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Tea Market
We also went to the tea market!
520 Zhongshan Xi Lu,
near Wuyi Lu
中山 西路 520 号,
近 武夷 路
Although less people has square corners or in tourism. Tea is good and above can enjoy the leisurely quiet.There are also all the utensils to become a pro in the tea ceremony. Finally, there are services has magnificent tea and really cheap.
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