Vaxholm, one day in the archipelago

8th June,

A little history
Vaxholm – capital of the archipelago –

Vaxholm is the hub for boat traffic between the north and south of the archipelago.

There are a thousand years, the area around Vaxholm was inhabited and there were Viking villages (Bogesundslandet, Rindö and Resaro). Vaxholm began to build at the end of 1200. During the year 1500 Gustav Vasa built a fortress between Vaxon Rindö to defend the entrance to Stockholm.

How to get there?
– By boat from Stockholm (departure opposite the Grand Hotel, Kungsträgården).
– By bus from northern stockholm

What to do?
A Vaxholm there are many small shops, several restaurants and cafes, and small art galleries.
The best way to visit is to walk through the small streets, take a small coffee on terrace.

Vaxholm (24)  Vaxholm (25)

Vaxholm (37)  vaxholm

Vaxholm (31)  Vaxholm (21)

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