12th June,

Small cultural post, you should know before starting that the region of Stockholm has 85 museums.

I would not have the time or money to do all these museums but I will try to visit the most popular ones.

Let’s start with the Nordic Museet. It was not intended to be the first on the list but there were a long queue at the Vasa museum, so we turned back.

The museum, as its name indicates, traces the history of the Scandinavian population thanks to different themes such as home interiors, fashion, jewelry, folk art, textiles, home dolls …

The museum is very well explained and well organized.

How to get there?
Situated on the island of Djurgården, can be accessed via bus (line memory 44) via the tram from Sergel Torgs line 7 and walk after a stroll along the banks of Norrmalm.

address: 6-16 Djurgårdsvägen
P. O. Box 27820
SE-115 93 Stockholm

How much does it cost?
100 sek for adults, students and over 65s

Reductions for children.

The “+”
audio guide included in the price

My opinion
Nice, less popular with tourists but not provided in-interesting. I recommend it especially for hardcore fans of history.


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