04th October 2014,

Singapore is a very expensive city to rent an appartment or just a room. There are 2 types of appartment, condo and HDB. HDB is the local renting. For foreign people there is almost one possibility which is to rent a room in a condo (this include swimming pool, tennis court, gym center…). Apparently, you can also rent a room in an HDB, but not all of them. HDB are cheapert than condo and more local.

The rent for a room (master bedroom or single room) is almost the same as Paris prices. Depending on the district you choose you the gap can be very important.

Firstly, we rented a master bedroom near to bukit timah (~1300 SGD), but if you look near to Newton, Orchard and Doby Ghaut it’s much higher.

The best website to find a room is easyroomate.

Condo (2) Condo (4) Condo (6)

Condo (1)

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