Big Ben National Park

16th of May,

Destination Big Ben National Park, next to the Mexican border. Very nice natural park, amazing background, looks like Yosemite with beautiful canyon. This park is really nice.

Distance: 7h50 , 533 miles.

We drove during the night south heading to Big Ben. We made a first stop at Odessa. We slept in an hostel.

We woke up early to reach Big Ben National Park by 10 am.

The entrance of the park is 20$ (less if you have the park cards).


We spend the day in the center of the park (chisos), we did different trails. Amazing background.

We slept outside the park (south west); Terlingua because all the other campground were full.



Next morning, let’s go to the rio grande canyon and a trail next to the mexican border.

Last night we spend it on the same campground.

Awesome roadtrip.

Trip expenses:

  • gas: 100$
  • hostel: 60$/nights
  • campground : 20$/nights
  • park entrance : 20$
  • food: 200$
  • extras
  • total : 130/person

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