3 days through Ijen & Bromo

We started our long weekend by taking the plane from Singapore to Surabay airport on Friday morning. To do the whole tour we used : tommy, recommended on Singafrog and also by us now ! It was well organized and the driver was really nice.

Day 1 Surabaya – Banyuwangi

The driver picked us up at Juanda international airport, Surabaya. We drove to water falls near by Bromo area. From the outside we through it was small water falls with no interest, but then you walk inside the water fall and look backward and then it is just beautiful ! Get ready you will be totally wet !

Back to the car and we drove to Banyuwangi and stay the night in an hotel there. Hotel : Hotel Palm

Total distance by car : 275 km, approximately 7h of drive

Day 2 Ijen blue fire tour – Cemorolawang

Early morning wake up : midnight !! We took a jeep tour to Paltuding village, in the slope of Kawah Ijen. We walked to the summit and crater of Kawah Ijen for about 1.5h.
Total distance on foot : 6 km Total elevation gain : 900m

As we reach the crater, we saw the blue flame, a burned sulphric gas that make beautiful contrast at night. It is quite impressiv however i through they were not that big !

By the sunrise, we climbed back up to the summit to see the beautiful panorama of Kawah Ijen and its beautiful sulphuric acid lake (which is one of world’s biggest). Beautiful ! Really no word to explain how nice the scenary was.

We get back to the hotel to take breakfast and shower, then we drove to Cemorolawang and stay in a hotel .

Total distance by car : 40 km, app 3 hours + 230 km, approximately 6h.

Accommodation : Lava View Hotel

Day 3 Bromo sunrise tour – transfer to the airport

We started at 03.30am from the hotel by jeep to see the sunrise in Penanjakan (it takes approximately 1 hour drive). The waiting time (around 1h30) was definitely worth it !! Bring some warm cloth and gloves.

After seeing sunrise we climbed Mt. Bromo, a volcano inside an ancient volcano. The walk is super easy (maybe only 25 min walk). The hard part is the breathing, because of all the dust and the horses walking next by you, it is quite difficult to breath. Bring mask !! That will prevent you to be asphyxiated.

Back to our hotel, we had breakfast and clean up. We left the hotel at 10 am/11 am in the morning to Juanda airport. It took approximately 3 to 4 hours, depending on the traffic.

Climbing in Lopburi, Thailand 

There are over 60 routes, single and some multi pitch climbing, just 2-hours away from Bangkok. You can do this trip over the weekend from Singapore.

Khao Jeen Lair is a limestone peak located 14km east north east of Lopburi town, 160km north of Bangkok. There are five areas called “Temple Area – Left Side”, “Temple Area – Right Side”, “Secret Garden Area – Left Side”, “Secret Garden Area – Right Side”, and Easter Island areas.

How to get there ?

Khao Jeen Lair is accessed via a temple but not that easy to reach. We got lost the first time. I recommand you to get a phone with a GPS !

Then once at the temple you have to hope it is open ! Therefore watch out the days your going there if it is not a public holiday in Thailand.

To the cliff you actually have to walk through the temple and up to the main face. The monks have been extremely nice to us climbers. The only request they have made is that you have to sign a registration form and give a little something for the entrance fees.

A PDF climbing guide can be viewed and downloaded from the following link: HERE

Climbing there

We did the multi-pitch on our sides. 3 groups of 2, doing Waltz for a lovely life and Corcovado. We started around 9 am.

Waltz for a lovely life is a really nice multi pitch of 6 pitchs, 5c/6a all along well maintain and nice area to belay. The first anchor for the relay is not very easy to find you have to do a travers and then you can set up the relay. For the other pitchs no issue finding the anchors.

Corcavado, I didnt do it, but our friend said it was also a very nice route, more engage but still very feasible.

The whole repelling is done on Corcavado. Some cactus and trees on the way done might create difficulties with the rope !