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Asia-Pacific is the part of the world near the Western Pacific Oean. It typically includes much of East Asia, South Asio, Southeast Asia and Oceania.


Here you will find all the pages and articles related to this part of the world.



Over than 5 months in Shanghai during an internship, I could enjoy the summer period of China.

Shanghai, Bejing, Suzhou, small villages…

Malaysia flag


Discovering malaysia throught one weekend… Beautiful beach, nice people, light blue water.


hong kong flag


Hong Kong is for me a mix of four cities. It is the relief of San Francisco, the  climate of Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe), the delusions and extravagence of New York and the size of Monaco! more here …

singapore flag


Over than 4 months in Singapore during holidays and looking for a job. I could enjoy the “rainning” period as well as the summer period. Singapore is a set of several country in once…


Only one week in Bali but certainly more to come…

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