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Climbing in Lopburi, Thailand 

There are over 60 routes, single and some multi pitch climbing, just 2-hours away from Bangkok. You can do this trip over the weekend from Singapore.

Khao Jeen Lair is a limestone peak located 14km east north east of Lopburi town, 160km north of Bangkok. There are five areas called “Temple Area – Left Side”, “Temple Area – Right Side”, “Secret Garden Area – Left Side”, “Secret Garden Area – Right Side”, and Easter Island areas.

How to get there ?

Khao Jeen Lair is accessed via a temple but not that easy to reach. We got lost the first time. I recommand you to get a phone with a GPS !

Then once at the temple you have to hope it is open ! Therefore watch out the days your going there if it is not a public holiday in Thailand.

To the cliff you actually have to walk through the temple and up to the main face. The monks have been extremely nice to us climbers. The only request they have made is that you have to sign a registration form and give a little something for the entrance fees.

A PDF climbing guide can be viewed and downloaded from the following link: HERE

Climbing there

We did the multi-pitch on our sides. 3 groups of 2, doing Waltz for a lovely life and Corcovado. We started around 9 am.

Waltz for a lovely life is a really nice multi pitch of 6 pitchs, 5c/6a all along well maintain and nice area to belay. The first anchor for the relay is not very easy to find you have to do a travers and then you can set up the relay. For the other pitchs no issue finding the anchors.

Corcavado, I didnt do it, but our friend said it was also a very nice route, more engage but still very feasible.

The whole repelling is done on Corcavado. Some cactus and trees on the way done might create difficulties with the rope !

Climbing in Krabi, Thailand

Climbing in Krabi is always a perfect choice. This place is one of the best climbing area in the world. The views are breathtaking, the routes are beautiful and the beach is amazing.

However it is not easy climb there, the average level of the routes are 6b. Most of the climbing area are well maintained, but always double check the condition. Some routes would need new slangs.

How to get there ?

Plane to Krabi airport (direct from Singapore with Air asia and scoot). Then bus toward the pier and long tail boat to Railay or Tonsai. Most of the time your hotel in Tonsai or Railay can arrange the transfer.

Where to stay ?

Railay or Tonsai. Railay will be more touristic and high standing compare to Tonsai which is the backpacking site. Both are nice (I have done both).

In Tonsai : Tonsaibay Resort
In Railay : Sand Sea ResortRailay west beach

Either way you will go to the other side to climb. Tonsai and Railay offers equivalent numbers of routes ! You can easily transfer from one area to the other via a small path (count around 30 min from extreme right of tonsai to extrem left of Railay.

Where to climb ? 

So many area in Krabi ! You would need to stay a whole week maybe more to do all the routes ! However, some area are pretty nice if you have only 1 weekend to spend.

  • 123 wall –> for beginners and warm up.
  • PHRA NANG BEACH –> some easy routes but most of them are difficult, go during sunset the view is stunning !
  • Thaiwand wall –> one of the most beautiful routes over there, the view is just wonderful
  • HUMANALITY WALL –> mutli pitch of 6a / 6b . a must to do !
  • MELTING WALL –> access with a canoe or boat because you might be blocked due to the tight. Routes are pretty nice and the view too.

3 days get away at Bukit Lawang

3 days get away at Bukit Lawang.

Trip duration: 3 days
Cost: 240$ (flight tickets) + 193$ (trek, meals, guesthouse)

Bukit Lawang is near Medan in Sumatra Island. It is very easy to get there, direct flight from Singapour.

For the organisation of our trip we used : Bukit Lawang Tour and Trekking GuideLINK , +62 813-6410-8007 (on what’s app).

Perfect organisation, always looking at us and really good food ! 👍👍

Day 1

We took our flight on Friday morning, arrived at Medan around 10am. We were welcomed by our driver and drove for 3h30 to reach Bukit Lawang. There we met our guide for the first part of the trip. we  started our trekking around 1.30/2pm. around 3pm we stopped for a lunch (nasi goreng and fruits), then we continued to walk for around 1h30. On the way we had the chance to see some orang-outans 😀. Very close !

We reached the camp (near to the river) around 5pm. We had tea and coffee with some biscuits very nice ! Then resting, shower in the river and chatting.

Diner by the first, chicken curry, noodles, rice. Very good ! Sleeping in the tent with a small yoga mat. A bit hard I must say !

Day 2

Waking up with the nature and the long tail monkeys ! 🐒 Breakfast and then packing for the trek. We walked around 2h30/in a morning, we also had the chance to see some orang-outans on the way.

Lunch by a nice river and waterfall.

Back to the trekking, for around 2h30, we reach a summit and enjoyed a nice view over the jungle !

Around 4pm we reach the second camp site.

Rafting to go back to Bukit Lawang ! Nice and smooth after the effort comes confort ! 🚣‍♀️

Arrived around 5pm at the guesthouse. Relax time. However the guesthouse we had wasnt great, bed broken which ended rolling at each other ….

Wisma Batu Mandi: poor service, bed broken, no toilet paper and far from the bar/restaurant of the ecolodge. 🙁

Day 3

Woke up a 8h30, breakfast and getting ready for the travel back to the airport. Left Medan at 4pm.

Maldives Live on Board

Maldives are very critized because of their politic and its government. However, it is one of the best spot to go diving with an incredible marin life. We decided with 12 other friends to go diving their for 1 week on a boat. 

When ? February 2018 during chinese new year

Where ? Maldives central atoll 

How much ? 1,600 Euros / person except flights. We found some flight from Singapour for 400 SGD. 

After many research, we found one affordable liveboard : Dune Maldives check out their website :

The dive center is really nice and people there too, nothing to say, nice crew definitely nice food and great boat with clean rooms. Totally recommend ! 👍👍

We spent our week on the boat going from atoll to atoll in the central maldives, with 3 dives a day and 1 time 4 dives with one night dive. 

Komodo National Park

Trip duration: 7 days
Cost: around 2,000 SGD per person (this includes the diving, excursions, food and hotels).

Komodo National Park is a national park in Indonesia located within the Lesser Sunda Islands in the border region between the provinces of East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara. The park includes the three larger islands Komodo, Padar and Rinca, and 26 smaller ones.

Day 1 – Arrival, setting up dive equipment

We landed on Flores Island, in Labuhanbajo city. From the airport we took a taxi to reach the city center. We normally should have spend the night in Eco Tree Hotel but unfortunately it was full and we have been upgraded to the Laprima Hotel.

Eco Tree Hotel ❤ : Soekarno Hatta 22, Kampung Tengah, Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia
Laprima Hotel: Jl. Pantai Pede, Labuan Bajo, Goron Talo, Komodo, Kabupaten Manggarai Barat, Nusa Tenggara Tim. 86554, Indonésie

Both hotel are really nice and clean. The Eco Tree hotel has a magnificient view of the bay and a great pub/restaurant (hipy type). The laprima hotel is more sophisticated with a nice swimming pool.

Day 2, 3, 4 – Live on Board

We book our live on board with  it was prefect, the boat was nice, the crew members too. 👌👌

Day 1: leave Labuhanbajo at 9 am. We did 3 dives on this day.  Very impressive dives with lots of current but surely one of the best dives I’ve ever done (amazing corals, great visibility, huge numbers of mantas). We stayed the overnight on the boat. 

Day 2: explore komodo area for diving. We did 4 dives on this day. Overnight on board.

Day 3: 2 dives in the morning and followed by komodo dragon tour in Rinca island. And then back to Labuan Bajo.

Day 5 – Padar Island & Palu Siaba Besar

We started our day waking up early to take a boat direction Padar Island. After 3-4 hours boat we finally arrived at the island. The walk is around 1h maximum but once in the top it is just majestic !!! 😍😍

After this walk, back in our boat toward the Siaba Besar. Beautiful small island where you can relax and chill on the beach.

Day 6, 7 – Day trip diving 

During those two days we did day trips diving with the Uber Scuba dive center :

Good center, however I add some issue with my dive gears, didnt get the right shoe for my fine during the both days…

Day 8 – Padar Island, Komodo Island and Pink Beach

On this day because we were taking our flight the next day we couldnt dive so we went back to Padar and we did Komodo Island. Komodo Island is similar to Rinca not much difference, the trail is a bit longer but still very touristic.

We stopped on our way back to Pink Beach as well. Pink beach is not worth it, not really pink…

Day 9 – Back Home

After a nice and sportiv week we took our plane in the early afternoon back to singapore with mantas in our eyes !

Diving in Komodo Dangerous ?  🤔

Dives in Komodo are amazing but not easy. There might have very stong current and you need to be able to balance yourself well otherwise it can get very complicated for you and your buddies. But despite of this they are one of the best dives in the world ! In our group there were some open water and they came back alive 🙂

Climbing in Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

13 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, this area is very convenient for short weekend climbing. You can take a flight from Singapore on friday night and climb saturday and sunday morning and come back in the evening to singapore.

How to get there from Kuala Lumpur ? The best way is to rent a car at the airport and drive there. The traffic is not that bad.

Where to sleep ? we rented air B&B near to the Batu Cave but still in KL so short drive but also close to the restaurants and bar for the after climbing.

What is the climbing level ? I would say you have a bit of everything for everyone ! Batu caves have many walls (5 in total) and each of them have around 20 routes and more. It starts from 5c till 7++

Multi pitch ? Yes but it is definitely not the area to go if you want to do multi pitch. There is one good and safe in the main wall. After you have some other in the other walls but they are not that well maitain and they are difficult to find.

Additionnal points ? yes there are sanitaries where you can have a shower (cold water but convenient) and only 1$ ! Useful if you are taking a flight right after.


Climbing in El Diablo Canyon, New Mexico, USA

We drove 8 hours to get to New Mexico from Dallas, near Santa Fe. There is a nice huge canyon where you can climb. Single pitch, muli-pitch everything is there. From 5c to 7c+, you will find something.

We rented an Air BnB close to Santa Fe for the weekend. The rock is Basalt so it’s not sharp and quite nice to climb on.

No particular season is best, but it can be very cold during winter. We went there in March and it was freezing cold once the sun disappeared. Take a warm jacket.

 Also, do not forget to bring and wear an helmet because rocks are falling !

Topo : mountain project Diablo Canyon

Climbing in Reimers Ranch, Texas, USA

Close to Austin, Reimers Ranch is a nice spot to go climbing. We did it in a Day trip from Dallas. There are all kind of level and nice river to go to when the climbing day is finished.

To enter the park you need to pay 10$/vehicle.

For the topo : mountainproject Reimers

There is no particular season to go there depending on how you like hot or cold climbing ! We went in February and it was warm enough to enjoy climbing.

Ski in Colorado

Duration: 4 days (2 days of ski and 2 days of visit)

Budget: 700$/person

Skiing in the us is an expensive trip that you have to plan and anticipate. For our trip we went skiing in Arapahoe Basin next to Keystone. Nice and very good ski resort. Arapahoe is well known for is high altitude (the resort is above 3,200 m and the highest point is 3,900 m). The snow there is light and really good.

There is several things that you need to prepare ahead your trip:

  • Health insurance : make sure you’re covered while your back country skiing
  • Credit/debit card: tell your bank that you’re travelling and you will need to pay large amount. Believe me you do not want to have your card blocked the day of martin Luther king and when everything is closed…
  • Flight : you will need an extra luggage or check in luggage ; pay this in advance

Good deal to know while you’re going skiing in the US:

  • Lift ticket are much cheaper on the online website! Between 20 to 40% off.
  • Rental ski are cheaper if you book them online!

The luggage of the skier:

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Skiing trouser and vest
  • Skiing/hiking bag
  • Goggles
  • Hand warmer
  • Warm clothe
  • Knife
  • Head lamp (in case)
  • Cereal bar
  • Water
  • Avalanche system

Day 1 – Denver

The first day was more walking and visiting downtown. The tour is around 4 hours.

We began at Millenium Bridge. This modernist footbridge is a bold symbol of contemporary Denver. Look ahead to the river: the city was born when gold was discovered in the currents below.

Millenium Bridge
Millenium Bridge

View from the Millenium Bridge
View from the Millenium Bridge

We pass the rolling hills of the commons Park, nice view of the city and a bit of fresh air.

We descend to the far bank and took the paved path upstream. Then we walked through the Confluence Park, with its swimmable rapids where Platter River meets cherry creek.

We stopped at REI to shop some nice things for hiking, climbing and skiing.

Then we stopped at Tattered Cover Bookstore, nice book store where you can find nice and old book.

On our way to REI
On our way to REI

Denver downtown
Denver downtown

Denver downtown
Denver downtown

After that we went to the Denver performing Arts complex where we can give a hug at I see what you mean. We went eating at a Peruvian restaurant nice and cheap.


Los Cabos II : 1525 Champa St, Denver, CO 80205

After that we headed to our skiing resort.

Day 2 & Day 3 – Arapahoe Basin (Ski)

The day two was for skiing. We skied at Arapahoe Basin which is an old school ski resort. The top lift gets you to the summit (13,059ft), where you can drop into Montezuma Bowl on the back side.

There are really great ride to do powder.

Araphaoe Bassin
Araphaoe Bassin

Araphaoe Bassin
Araphaoe Bassin


The lift ticket is around 80$ a day but if you go on the website of the ski resort you can find good deals.

We slept in Keystone because there is no lodging in Arapahoe.

Keystone Resort By Rocky Mountain, lakeside view. Nice and comfortable apartment with everything you need inside (oven, microwaves…) link:

Keystone Lakeside
Keystone Lakeside


We rented the skis and shoes in one of the many stores in Keystone. They can be rent online and its cheaper.!/resort/keystone-resort

Day 4 – Denver

Our last day was the museum day in Denver. We only had half day to visit; so we choose the museum of Colorado to learn more about this state.

Entry; 12$

P1020094 P1020096

Climbing in Horseshoe canyon, arkansas, usa

Where? Horseshoe canyon : Horseshoe canyon ranch website

Distance? 397 miles : 70 HC, Jasper, AR 72641

Price? 5$/day of sleeping and 5$/day of climbing

Horseshoe canyon 5
Approach trail.

I am a big fan of climbing so I’ve looked for somewhere I could go climbing from Dallas. Not that much choice but you can go in Austin or in Arkansas. I think they are the two closest spot where you can have fun routes.

With my climbing group, we went up to Arkansas, in horseshoe canyon in early October, I went back in late November for a second weekend of climbing. The temperatures were still okay but cooler during evenings and night (32/34° F – 0/2° C).

Beautiful background, nice area to camp and to climb.

You can find everything you need in the camp, toilet and water, shower with hot water and a small store where you can buy few climbing things.

The area to climb is important over 300 routes and provide many different level of climbing from beginners to expert.

Horseshoe canyon 3  Horseshoe canyon 2

Horseshoe canyon 1  Horseshoe canyon 4