2 ~ Europe

For those who don’t know Europe is the continent going from Spain to the Ural and Caucasus Mountains.

Here you will find all the pages and articles I made about countries I visited in Europe.



I just spend 5 hours in transit at Copenhague during the spring season. I could already enjoy the peacefullness of this city and the beauty of her streets.

ob_eb79ed_12649475-drapeau-suede-sur-papier-vieux-millesime (1)


Over than 5 months in Linköping during an exchange program called Erasmus and 3 months in Stockholm during an internship. I could visit and enjoy the winter and summer in Sweden…

Linköping, Stockholm, Göteborg, Soderköping, Norrköping, Gränna, Narvik, Kiruna …



2 weeks through the south of Spain visiting Andalusia (my grand mother origin), including Almejia, Malaga, Sevilla, Granada, Fondon and Barcelona.

united kingdom


Over than 3 months in Stafford during an exchange program and 2 months in Southampton as a waitress in a pub at Hamble. I could visit and enjoy the autumn and summer in United-Kingdom …

London, Manchester, Southampton, Brighton, Portsmouth, Liverpool…

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