Sweden , officially the Kingdom of Sweden, is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. For the lovers of kings and queens, Sweden is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy like UK. The currency is the Swedish Krona (SEK).

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Sweden Flag


I spend 5 months in Linköping during an exchange program called Erasmus and 3 months in Stockholm during an internship. Here you will find all the articles I wrote about this fantastic country as well as some tips and information.


– published on 08/06/14

The museum, as its name indicates, traces the history of the Scandinavian population thanks to different themes such as home interiors, fashion, jewelry, folk art, textiles, home dolls …

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Vaxholm, one day in the archipelagoVaxholm (30)

– published on 05/06/14

Vaxholm – capital of the archipelago – Vaxholm is the hub for boat traffic between the north and south of the archipelago

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Stockholm counrtyside20140524_144141

– published on 05/06/14

Stockholm is one of the few city (capital) that has keep that much green space completely natural.

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Östermalms Saluhall aphoto24458

– published on 28/05/14

Since 1888, Östermalms Saluhall in Stockholm inspires people and tourists with high quality food. High quality ingredients are found there and ready meals from the Swedish and international cuisine.

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Valborg i Stockholmvalborg

– published on 28/05/14

Walpurgis Night, named in honor of St. Walburga (710-779), is a neo-pagan festival that takes place on the night of 30 April to 1 May. Clandestinely celebrated throughout Europe since ancient times…

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Erasmus Linköpingob_0951f9c83dc2ecb4147e6835d26c7f66_erasmus

– published on 25/12/12

Erasmus is one of the best experience you can have during your student life. I encourage everybody to be able to do it.

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One week up northP1070814

– published on 04/12/12

One week in Lapland through the artic circle, Narvik, Kiruna, The Sami’s family. An extraordinary experience.

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Winter in LinköpingP1070565

– published on 28/11/12

Here she is, it finally arrived. It’s snowing since last night. At the moment not much snow on the ground but it starts to take.

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Norrköping, SöderköpingNorrköping

– published on 16/11/12

Industrial city with very old factories, medieval village, nice walks.

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Göteborg in 24 hoursP1000987

– published on 11/11/12

Göteborg is a beautiful city. If there is one thing to do when you are there it’s archipelagos!

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Vadstena, Gränna, JönköpingVadstena

– published on 06/11/12

Small medieval village, wonderful Lake Vattern, candies and chocolate perfect for candy lovers… My favorite place.

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Berg, Borensberg, MotalaP1000934

– published on 01/11/12

One day through the north of Linköping: Göta Canal, Vättern Lake, Boren Lake.

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Swedish people bond ?ob_6085bbbd478af657d9599e863f9809e9_image1

– published on 18/10/12

Swedish blonde or not? Well finally after many analysis on the subject (in college, in the streets, in the evenings, on the bus …) my answer is …

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Autumn is coming !P1070290

– published on 12/10/12

Pictures of the beautyful autumn in Sweden.

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Cycling in Sweden is an institutionlinkoping (27)

– published on 05/10/12

If you’re in Linköping you need to have a bike. It will allow you to go in the city center and to the supermarket. The bike trade in Linköping is a bit like trade “baguette” in France …

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The farm tourFarm Trip 4

– published on 30/09/12

One day trip to a Swedish Farm, production of milk, cheese and meat. Beautyful countryside and background.

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Dra’t i Spa’t Partydrat-i-spat

– published on 24/09/12

Dra’t i Spa’t, unofficially called Draget, where student teams from all over the country participate in a tug-of-war over the Tinnerbäcken creek.

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Stockholm for a weekendStockholm (71)

– published on 18/09/12

Here we go, from Linköping to Stockholm for one weekend. Let’s visit Stockholm in 72 hours. Details of Day 1 and Day 2; where to sleep, what to do, how to travel in Stockholm and more…

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Gamla Linköping gamlalinkoping (4)

– published on 19/09/12

Gamla Linköping is an authentic and old Swedish village. If you are in Linköping you need to go there.

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Lambohov Lakelambohov-3

– published on 02/09/12

Biking tour to lambhov lake a beautyfull courntyside where you can enjoy the quiet and nice view for pictures…

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Hockey Time ! Hokey (1)

– published on 02/09/12

A great experience to do when you are in Sweden is to go to a Hockey Match.

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Norrköping or the Sweden’s Manchester Norrkoping (18)

– published on 01/09/12

Norrköping means merchant site (köping) , this is due to the precense in the past of a thing (Old Norse and Icelandic)…

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The swedish Fika ! Fika Title

– published on 28/08/12

The fika in sweden is a bit like our French coffee break. We went to another corridor for a fika with many other Erasmus…

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Campus Valla Linköping Valla Linkoping

– published on 27/08/12

First day at school Swedish school is quite different from the French school. First they love reading, for every course you have a book which …

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ESN – Linköping Church and city quiz tour Esn_logo

– published on 26/08/12

ESN ? Erasmus Student Network is a non profit international organisation. Visit of Linköping dowtown and city quiz.

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Linköping Corridor Room linkoping (24)

– published on 22/08/12

Linköping Corridor Room ? What is a corridor room ? How can I get a corridor ?
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