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Linköping Corridor Room

What is a Corridor Room ? A corridor room it’s an apartment with 8 rooms, a living room and a kitchen; each room has one bathroom with toilet, a desk, wardrobe and a bed (one person). In Linköping there is a neighbor with around 30 buildings of 6/7 corridors. It’s located in Ryds.

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How can I get a corridor ? Well two/three options.

  1. You send all the application very early (February for the autumn semester), you can get a corridor through the university. First come first served !
  2. You can create an account on Studentbostäder i Linköping. You earn one point per day from the day you registered. Same, the earlier is the best. You will need around 200 points to be able to get a corridor…
  3. You can take the lease of someone leaving but this is not legal but very usual !

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My corridor : 1 Chinese; 1 Italian; 1 Spanish; 1 Cyprus and 2 Swedish.

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