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The farm tour

23rd September ’12: visit of an authentic swedish farm

Departure: 8.45 am Ryd Centrum

Return: 5.45 pm Ryd Centrum

Cost: ~50 SEK

Travel time to destination: 1 hour bus

We arrived after 1h of bus to the Swedish farm, typical of sweden. Red wooden and white window panes. First, fika is required. Small coffee served by farmers with “kanelbullar”. Then we got a small historic of the farm and we visited different parts of the farm (living area, animals area, buildings …).


Then we went to another farm where there is the milk production. We visited the farm and we saw all the technological facilities to produce the milk.

Finally we went back to the first farm and we had lunch. Homemade hamburgers with the meat and cheese they produce (yes no need to think too much when you just came back from seeing the cows xD).

After lunch, we rode in the tractor and we enjoyed the countryside.

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