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Erasmus Linköping

Because this is the end, this experience is now finished, 5 amazing and unforgettable months for me. It was wonderful, lots of amazing parties and jokes, lots of memories, some things I will never forget, some people I will meet again, and future travels.

I have learned lots of things thanks to all people I met.

I wish to everybody to be able to do the same thing because pictures, movies and my little text show a small part of what is it in reality.

Thanks to everybody.

Swedish people blond ?

Swedish blonde or not? Well finally after many analysis on the subject (in college, in the streets, in the evenings, on the bus …) my answer is yes and no. If we assume that blond is like picture above then no they are not all like that (<15% of the population).

However, if we take the general sense of blond (the more or less light brown to blonde platinum) yes I would say that 30% of the population is like this is much more than we have in France.

Shown to my statements and prove that I’m not lying, here are two pictures taken two different evenings (the subjects were not warned before the photo). In both cases, one of my  corridors mates invited these friends to eat in the evening.

I’ll let you analyze these pictures carefully … 😉

P1070295 P1070312

Autumn is coming

The season is now properly installed, it is generally sunny (light rain from time to time but not much). The temperatures are between 4/5 ° C in minimum and up to 10/12 ° C maximum.

Ryd’s beach volley field
Ryds avenue
On the way to ICA

















So I walked (with this beautiful weather) to take some pictures of autumn. I by chance found an apple tree, and as we had told me in sweden we have the right to pick fruit from the trees. So I returned with 5/6 apples. They are very good!

Linköping Uni
Linköping Uni
Linköping Uni


Cycling in Sweden an institution…

If you’re in Linköping you need to have a bike. It will allow you to go in the city center and to the supermarket. The bike trade in Linköping is a bit like trade “baguette” in France …


You find lots of bike shops more or less doubtful (yes, some ask you to visit their underground with a hundred bikes … ahem).

The price for a bike is on average 600Kr.

Warning, if the price is around 300Kr or less it will let you go when you will have the greatest need of it ! Be careful. The same if the bike costs more than 1000kr, I think it’s too much.

My bike



The bike’s guide:

  1. Must have a front and rear lights if not fine is 600Kr
  2. Must have retro cycling because when it’s -20 ° C the brakes are frozen.
  3. Must have a bell, very useful in the city center
  4. Must have a serial number and a paper proving the purchase (stolen bikes cops love it)
  5. Must have a good lock (theft are frequent)
  6. Better if you have good legs!

Finally, if ever, luck is not with you (like me with the flat tire one morning, um, it makes me in a good mood on Monday at 8 am by 5 ° C) you can always go to 254 Rydsvagen on Sunday and  Tuesday from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm at “Repare Bike”. Student volunteers repair your bike for cheap!

PS: be ahead there is often a long queue.

Gamla Linköping

12th September ’12: Visit at Gamla Linköping

Cost: almost free (bus fare only)

Duration: half a day

Gamla linköping is the old linköping. It’s an old Swedish village. It’s authentic and you really feel like you went 50 years in the past. The street are cobblestones and the houses are made with the typical red wood color.

We didn’t see many tourist so it was quiet and nice to have a walk in all the narrow streets.

gamlalinkoping (2)  gamlalinkoping (8)

gamlalinkoping (10)  gamlalinkoping (11)

There you can buy the famous kex (cloetta) for a very good price since the industry is at Linköping !


Lambohov Lake

11st September ’12: Bike tour to lambohov Lake !

Cost: free and your bike.

Distance: 7/8 km

Duration: the day from 10 am to 5 pm.

Visit of the surroundings with the forest and fields. Linköping is really lost in the middle of the campaign. Once there, we have a picnic at the lake (not very big lake). Then, we played different games to allow us to know each other better.

Very good day with new friends.

itineraire-velo   lambohov-2 lambohov-5