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Maldives Live on Board

Maldives are very critized because of their politic and its government. However, it is one of the best spot to go diving with an incredible marin life. We decided with 12 other friends to go diving their for 1 week on a boat. 

When ? February 2018 during chinese new year

Where ? Maldives central atoll 

How much ? 1,600 Euros / person except flights. We found some flight from Singapour for 400 SGD. 

After many research, we found one affordable liveboard : Dune Maldives check out their website : https://maldives.dune-network.com/en/home

The dive center is really nice and people there too, nothing to say, nice crew definitely nice food and great boat with clean rooms. Totally recommend ! 👍👍

We spent our week on the boat going from atoll to atoll in the central maldives, with 3 dives a day and 1 time 4 dives with one night dive. 

Komodo National Park

Trip duration: 7 days
Cost: around 2,000 SGD per person (this includes the diving, excursions, food and hotels).

Komodo National Park is a national park in Indonesia located within the Lesser Sunda Islands in the border region between the provinces of East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara. The park includes the three larger islands Komodo, Padar and Rinca, and 26 smaller ones.

Day 1 – Arrival, setting up dive equipment

We landed on Flores Island, in Labuhanbajo city. From the airport we took a taxi to reach the city center. We normally should have spend the night in Eco Tree Hotel but unfortunately it was full and we have been upgraded to the Laprima Hotel.

Eco Tree Hotel ❤ : Soekarno Hatta 22, Kampung Tengah, Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia
Laprima Hotel: Jl. Pantai Pede, Labuan Bajo, Goron Talo, Komodo, Kabupaten Manggarai Barat, Nusa Tenggara Tim. 86554, Indonésie

Both hotel are really nice and clean. The Eco Tree hotel has a magnificient view of the bay and a great pub/restaurant (hipy type). The laprima hotel is more sophisticated with a nice swimming pool.

Day 2, 3, 4 – Live on Board

We book our live on board with http://divekomodo.com/  it was prefect, the boat was nice, the crew members too. 👌👌

Day 1: leave Labuhanbajo at 9 am. We did 3 dives on this day.  Very impressive dives with lots of current but surely one of the best dives I’ve ever done (amazing corals, great visibility, huge numbers of mantas). We stayed the overnight on the boat. 

Day 2: explore komodo area for diving. We did 4 dives on this day. Overnight on board.

Day 3: 2 dives in the morning and followed by komodo dragon tour in Rinca island. And then back to Labuan Bajo.

Day 5 – Padar Island & Palu Siaba Besar

We started our day waking up early to take a boat direction Padar Island. After 3-4 hours boat we finally arrived at the island. The walk is around 1h maximum but once in the top it is just majestic !!! 😍😍

After this walk, back in our boat toward the Siaba Besar. Beautiful small island where you can relax and chill on the beach.

Day 6, 7 – Day trip diving 

During those two days we did day trips diving with the Uber Scuba dive center : http://uberscubakomodo.com/.

Good center, however I add some issue with my dive gears, didnt get the right shoe for my fine during the both days…

Day 8 – Padar Island, Komodo Island and Pink Beach

On this day because we were taking our flight the next day we couldnt dive so we went back to Padar and we did Komodo Island. Komodo Island is similar to Rinca not much difference, the trail is a bit longer but still very touristic.

We stopped on our way back to Pink Beach as well. Pink beach is not worth it, not really pink…

Day 9 – Back Home

After a nice and sportiv week we took our plane in the early afternoon back to singapore with mantas in our eyes !

Diving in Komodo Dangerous ?  🤔

Dives in Komodo are amazing but not easy. There might have very stong current and you need to be able to balance yourself well otherwise it can get very complicated for you and your buddies. But despite of this they are one of the best dives in the world ! In our group there were some open water and they came back alive 🙂

One week in Bali

3 days at Tulamben

We start our trip by three days of scuber diving for the level 1 at Tulamben. There are several place were you can do your level one and scuber dive. We choose Dive Concepts.

Tulamben 2  Tulamben 3  Tulamben 4

Great place, nice people and rooms are totally fine and clean. You can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the club. Price for diving are affortable and a service is provided if you need private taxi from/to the airport. If I need to go again I would choose it !

The different spot for diving are great (for my little experience of diving it was really good).

Tulamben is a typical village from bali, along the road and poor. All the village is working for the different clubs of diving.

Tulamben 1

2 days in Ubud

On our way to Ubud from Tulamben we stopped at Padangbai.

Padangbai, nice small village, there is a nice place to relax at the blue lagoon were you can also eat nice curry.

Padangbai 2  Padangbai 1

Padangbai 3  Pandangbai 2

Padangbai 4

Then we reach ou hotel in Ubud ( Villa Sarna).

Really nice hotel with nice rooms and a beautiful view on the forest.

The only bad thing is the service provided by the hotel for the price of the room are not great. Issue with the shuttle and to eat lunch or dinner you need to reach the restaurant of the hotel which is not inside the hotel.

Visit of Ubud

Ubud 3

Starting with our visit of the rice field, after the museum of ubud take a right, when you see the road with a way done just before turn right on a small street follow the path “walking path”. After few minutes of walking you’re in a middle of the rice field. Beautiful !

Ubud 4 Ubud 1

Ubud 2

You can stop at few shops of hand made sculpture and painting. We ate at the Organic Restaurant good food and nice view.

We spend the afternoon between massage and shopping and getting lost in the narrow streets and markets.

Ubud 8  Ubud 7

Ubud 6  Ubud 5

We then had a wonderful dinner at The view restaurant


Last day in Bali

Starting with a cooking class booked the day before at the information center of Ubud. Awesome group of 6 people and very good instructor.

IMG_2315  IMG_2330 IMG_2345 IMG_2318

To our way back to the airport we stopped at Sanur, but after-all it wasn’t the best choice we’ve made. Very touristic …