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Saturday, July 27,

Departure: 10.00 am
Return: 10.00 pm

My family arrived yesterday from Beijing in Suzhou. For this warm sunny day (40 ° C), we went towards the old town of Suzhou and canals.

Short walk in the typical street Ping Jiang Road, we tasted sweet dumpling of all colors and discovered streets forgotten by the time.

Ping Jiang Road  Ping Jiang Road

Ping Jiang Road  Ping Jiang Road

Ping Jiang Road

After this moment of peace; despite the 35 ° C we went direction the garden of the humble administrator. One of the greatest garden in China, the greatest of Suzhou. A Garden World Heritage of the UNESCO.

Admission is 60Y.
Website: http: //en.szzzy.cn./
Address: No. 178, Northeast

A beautiful garden  with shadow. The park also has a beautiful bonsai collection.

the humble administrator garden  the humble administrator garden

the humble administrator garden  the humble administrator garden

After this relaxing walk towards Suzhou Museum. It was built by the same architect as the Louvre pyramid. The museum is also a mixed history of Suzhou and Chinese history during the Ming Dynasty.

Admission: Free
Address: 江苏 省 苏州 市 平江区 东北 街 204 号
Dongbei Jie Lu near Lindman, Suzhou 215001, China

National-museum-suzhou-1 National-museum-suzhou-2


Once the visit finished, we walked to the North Pagoda. The North Pagoda is a large 8-floors building. It allows us a stunning view across Suzhou. This is the oldest Buddhist temple in Suzhou, more than 1,700 years of history.

Admission fees: 15Y
Address: No. 652 Renmin Rd Canglang District.

North-Pagoda-1  North-Pagoda-3  North-Pagoda-4

North-Pagoda-5  North-Pagoda-6


Heat outweighs the physical condition of the group, Mr Vincent and Mr Pierre want a cold beer ASAP (not kidding we all want a cool thing to drink). We stoped in a good American pub with lots of expats and we ordered a good-deserved beer.

Suzhou Old Town

23rd & 24th June, 2013: Visit of Suzhou Old Town
Departure: 2:30 p.m.
Back: 6.00 pm

Direction the old city of Suzhou. Nice weather and very warm. We left confident we had the bus number who is going to the city center. We went into the 307, but after few stops we found that (damn it) this is clearly not the right way …

Sans titre

Finally, after taking over the bus in the right direction we arrived in the old city of Suzhou (black circle on the map). Stroll through the narrow and colorful streets. Lots of clothing stores and cheap shoes.

DSC02896 DSC02898

Sunday 24th,
Departure for one of the most famous gardens in Suzhou.


We walked on Ping Jiang Rd (beautiful streets with lots of small restaurants and very nice tea room ). Very touristic too. Rain started, we returned earlier than expected at home, but we stopped at the DVD store.
DVD true / false or false / true according to the opinion, but not expensive at all, a dvd € 1.10 and a season for a serie € 5 on average.

On the shores of Jinji Lake

20th may 2013: Sunday walking around Jinji Lake

On this beautiful Sunday we went for a walk on the shores of Jinji Lake. This is a large lake, with very well fitted borders for walking. Here are some pictures.

In the evening we did not resist eating out in a restaurant, just to see some of the typical Asiatic food. So we went in the restaurants street along the lake. We ate very well, fish soup, spring rolls and dumplings.

Total cost: All for 136 Yuan (about 14 €).

Jinji-lake (1) Jinji-lake (16)


Jinji-lake (14)  Jinji-lake (8)

Jinji-lake (31) Jinji-lake (18)


Jinji-lake-W (2) Jinji-lake-W (3)

Jinji-lake-W (13) Jinji-lake-W (17)