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Shanghai Old city District

June 30th, 2013: Shanghai Old city district

Departure: 10.00 am

Return: 4.00pm

Address: Metro stop: Yuan Garden

To start with this sunny and warm day (28 ° C already). We went towards the old city of Shanghai.

Before you go to the old city I must prevent you, there are many, many people. It’s really crowded. You must scramble to make your way through the narrow streets.

Many stores but obviously tourist trap.

vieille-ville (2) vieille-ville (15)

vieille-ville (17) vieille-ville (26)


Then, visit of the temple of the god protector of the city.

We moved away of that excitement to eat in a small dumplings shop  and noodles.

vieille-ville (44) vieille-ville (54)

vieille-ville (37) vieille-ville (55)

Let’s go to the tea house for a cup of tea in a magical place. If you want a tea tasting it’s better to head for the tea stand in the fake market; much better. Here we paid the particular place more than the tea (which admittedly does not have a better taste than elsewhere). One portion is enough for two to three people (well if you are not too thirsty).

vieille-ville (60) vieille-ville (74)

After this break, we walked towards the Bund by small streets very typical of China, but forgotten by tourist guides. Linen tense, narrow street, living smiling …

vieille-ville (81) vieille-ville (88)


Bund & Huangpu

3rd of June, 2013: Visit of Bund and Huangpu

Departure: 12.00 am

Return: 7.00 pm

For this first weekend in Shanghai, we decided to visit an area of the city, Huangpu.

Shanghai consists of 8 districts:

People-square (33)
Map of Shanghai


  1. The Bund and Renmin Square (Huangpu)
  2. The Old Town
  3. East of the French Concession
  4. West of the French Concession
  5. Jing’an
  6. Pudong
  7. Xujiahui and south of Shanghai
  8. Hongkou and north of Shanghai

We went to the first of the list. Start of the tour right out of the stone house (south Pudong) with a typical covered Chinese market.

On the menu: dumpling, noodle, fruits & vegetables, spices, tea and live fish. High color and smell!

People-square (3)  People-square (9)


People-square (5)

Yangpu district is the heart of Shanghai. The atmosphere is electric, many, sound and animation. Renmin Square is a nice park like Central Park in New York where you come out of this excitement of People Square.

People-square (20) People-square (23)


People-square (17)

After purchasing a pancake with vegetables inside for 20 Y. Direction The Bund with a long walk on Nanjing Road. This street also looks like a very famous street of New York: Broadway. Department store, big giant screen, thrift and restaurants. Warning, it’s very easy to get lost in this street.

People-square (25) People-square (27)

The Bund, a large esplanade overlooking stunning views of Pudong with the tallest towers in the world. Unfortunately it starts raining, we stoped our visit.

vieille-ville (90)